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Nuit Blanche - Maison/Home

Imagine a place in your childhood, remote, safe, warm, light on, a shelter, a doll’s house. Alice is knocking on the door… or is it Hansel and Gretel? Now imagine a cluster of multicoloured simple shaped houses with white plumes of smoke gently flickering over their roof and fading away into the DARK.

Scattered among the boxed-shaped houses, tall and luminous structures of forgotten dolls stand guard, shining ghosts, a reminiscence of Lewis Caroll’s vision of our past, present and future. At the far end of the installation, a disproportionate music box is standing, waiting for people to interact, adding a musical score to the scene. Sounds of whining dolls and lullabies. We stopped and looked down.The memory path was shining with flickering lights. Indoor installation of large light boxes with printed antique dolls scattered along a path of lit houses.

Claude Miceli & Jean-Christian Knaff are visual artists/designers who live and work in Toronto. They were part of Nuit Blanche Toronto 2009 and 2015.

Location Markham House