What’s new in Mirvish Village?

Follow along for the latest on streetscaping projects, construction updates, BIA news and more!

Photo provided by Westbank Corp

Photo provided by Westbank Corp

Photo provided by Westbank Corp

Photo provided by Westbank Corp



June Construction Update

East Side: Vertical drilling for shoring is complete. Three of five cranes are erected on site. The last two cranes will go up late July/early August and mid-September, respectively. Excavation and foundation work is ongoing on the north half of the property. Final excavation work is expected for September.

West Side: Vertical drilling for shoring is complete with the exception of the tunnel connecting to the east side. Excavation is not expected to commence until summer 2020.

Heritage Buildings: Restoration work continues at the Heritage properties. 610 Markham House is likely to be moved in mid-September.


January Construction Update

A brief construction update from Westbank: Excavation is underway and will continue until early summer. Cranes will go up on the north portion of the east block in March, at which point framework will begin. Ellis Don has begun the shoring for Building 1, which is the mid-rise building at the southwest corner of Bloor & Markham.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction, please feel free to contact Jennifer Inglis, Project Administrator, at 647-350-5391 or jinglis@ellisdon.com.


Our First Mural is Complete!

The Mirvish Village BIA received grant funding from the the City of Toronto’s Outdoor Mural and Street Art Program to commission a 25’ by 10’ mural on the north facade of 794 Bathurst Street. This mural creates a wonderful canvas to welcome people into Mirvish Village as it is the first thing you see when exiting Bathurst Station. After receiving many high-quality proposals from Toronto muralists, the committee awarded the project to local artist, Leeay Aikawa. The unique shapes in Leeay’s design were inspired by various architectural elements throughout Mirvish Village, such as lamp posts and roof lines. Her bold colours create popping contrast and are sure to catch your eye! Be sure to check it out next time you’re at Bathurst and Bloor!



Our Planter Box Murals are Complete!

The Mirvish Village BIA received grant funding from the the City of Toronto’s Outdoor Mural and Street Art Program to commission five planter box murals along Bloor Street. After receiving many fantastic proposals from talented local artists, the committee awarded the project to Toronto artist, Karen Roberts. Karen’s design showcases our neighbourhood’s multicultural identity through the many feet of Mirvish Village. We love the colour she has brought to our street and the playful nature of each design. Stroll by Mirvish Village to walk alongside our new art!


Mirvish Village BIA has a New Look!

Mirvish Village BIA is amidst a transformation. In recent years, we have lost the businesses along Markham Street as well as Honest Ed’s, a cultural icon. Change is bustling as the Westbank Development construction is well under way. To encompass all of the unique present and future businesses in our BIA, we decided it was time to rebrand ourselves. Our new logo, inspired by building blocks and transformation, showcases our ability to rebuild and grow. The larger block which maps the rough outline of our BIA, represents us as a whole. The smaller blocks not only create a map of our BIA, but pay homage to the individual businesses, each a unique part of our foundation. We are excited to continue to rebuild and transform and welcome new businesses into our hood!


October Construction Updates

Ellis Don is approximately 75% done with shoring. Westbank estimates that the remaining 25% will be completed by January or early February. Ellis Don has completed approximately 15% of the excavation. Westbank predicts that excavation will likely continue until March. However, they will likely start laying foundation in January.

The site allows Ellis Don to pile excavated material on the lot so that removal trucks can come in waves rather than continuously, which has alleviated traffic. While this method can create dust, as Ellis Don continues to excavate, they will reach deeper soil which contains more moisture and will be less susceptible to wind.

The landscaping plans are very close to being finalized and approved. The last piece of the project will be the public art installations. Westbank has hired Frank Stella to paint a large piece on the north facing wall of what was formerly 610 Markham Street. This building will serve as the south border of the future Mirvish park.

Both Ellis Don and Westbank continue to work with the City and the Councillor’s office to best mitigate disruptions from construction.